Welcome to Superior Vision Australia!

My name is Timothy Mackenzie, I am the founder here at Superior Vision Australia. Since the age of 15 I have had an eager passion for cars and motorbikes.
Since then I have owned 18 various cars and 8 motorbikes. In each of these vehicles I upgraded the headlights almost immediately, standard halogen lights just seemed too dull and boring.
During this process I developed a passion for LED lighting technology and the benefits it provides.

Superior Vision Australia was established in 2017 with a goal to walk the front line of the LED automotive lighting industry and provide customers with easy access to the industries leading products and accessories at an affordable price.

Being proudly Australian owned and operated means we know exactly what harsh conditions our LEDs will be subjected to in the Australian environment. This gives us the advantage of field testing our products in some of the most severe conditions in the world. Along with laboratory testing and outstanding quality control measures, this allows us to provide customers with the highest quality LED products in the industry.

Tim Mackenzie
CEO / Founder